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Our table at Gouveia

Another beautiful day at Gouveia Vineyards in scenic Wallingford, CT!! This time drinking and dining indoors in their large venue space. Great wine and foods makes for an always enjoyable experience!

If you don’t have groupon I recommend it for the great wine tasting deals!! Here’s one to our very own Dalice Elizabeth Winery in Preston, CT!

$10 for a Wine Tasting for Two at Dalice Elizabeth Winery ($20 Value) http://gr.pn/NZS66c

Hey there’s a new review on the Goshen, CT winery Sunset Meadow Vineyards!! ctwinos.tumblr.com !

Oh man sorry I have been away so long! So much has been going on both in life and in the wine world! I’m back though!!

Four awesome new songs added to the widget! Enjoy!

Aside from food, nothing pairs better with wine than with great music! Play some songs along the side on the new widget by Dave “DC” Jones for a better browsing experience! You can even catch Dave at some of the local CT wineries playing gigs! Enjoy!

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It’s not about how old, how rare, how aged, or where the wine is from; It’s about how much YOU like the wine! drink up!
CT Winos

Les Trois Emme (the three sisters). Here is what they have! The Cayuga is great along with the cranberry (tastes like oceanspray). I recommend the Berkshire red too!

Tasting area

DC Jones by Obondie on Grooveshark