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Arrigoni Wineries-

What a great new winery! These guys are just starting up and looking great. Half of the tasting room is still clothing and candles from the store before. The folks here at Arrigoni are selling everything in the store, and expanding the tasting room, which I imagine will be more seating and perhaps another bar. The server was very kind and knowledgeable, we actually knew her from our previous job, small world! Coming into the front door was a little off-putting, and I believe that is because they are still making the change over into a full on winery. The wines we tasted were quite delicious, we bought a bottle of the “Rosso”, a lighter red. You are also provided with a cheese plate and some crackers, which I thought was very unusual but most delightful. Through the back door you emerge onto the deck, full of tables, plants, and about 3 acres of vines. The decor is pretty cool too, wine barrels are scattered around the deck, along with a pyramid of oak barrels out front holding up the sign. Surprisingly enough, the noise from the main road, not more than 100 ft away, is not remotely noticeable. Overall a good experience!

Experience- 8

Wine- 7.5

Scenery- 6.5

Family Atmosphere- 5 (not a lot of room for kids, I also did not see anything about any artists/musicians coming to the winery for entertainment…yet)

Venue- 7

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