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Gouveia Vineryards-

Beautiful views and delicious wine makes Gouveia a destination winery in CT. Driving into the lush vineyards brings an old world feel straight away, it’s like you are transported into another time period. Rustic, fresh, clean, and laid back are ways I would describe this place. Inside the tasting rooms and sitting areas are large and accommodating, the outside mirrors the inside and if you are able, try to catch a sunset! The staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming! I always recommend a tasting to get a feel for what you like. I am a red and white lover, I hold no ties to specific grape varietals, but I will recommend the farm house red for those who like red, and the Cayuga white for those who like light white wine. My girlfriend and I went to the finger lakes in NY this past summer, the birthplace of the Cayuga grape, and the Napa Valley of the east coast, (in my opinion). The Cayuga grape from NY is a hybrid grape that can withstand the harsh New England weather. Gouveia really makes their Cayuga perfectly, so even if you are a red drinker, try it in the tasting!

FYI- When buying a bottle, you will need glasses, obviously, but what’s not so obvious is when you go up to get your bottle and glasses. Each person needs to go up and get their own glass with I.D. for age restriction purposes. You can personally buy as many bottles as you want, just make sure everyone gets up to get glasses!

Experience- 9

Wine- 9.5


Family Atmosphere-8.5



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