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CT Wine

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Hopkins Vineyard-

The tasting room is in the building with the silo, don’t get confused with the other building! I believe it’s a hotel/restaurant which can be good depending on how much you like the wine! You walk in through the door and directly to the left is the tasting room and to the right is the store. Before you even venture into either, continue walking straight into the “self-guided” tour. This part is actually pretty neat because you walk on a cat-walk through the wine production facility in the back of the building. To your left are the stainless steel tanks and oak barrels, and to the right is a giant corking/bottling machine. So, after this “tour” make your way back into the tasting room and commence your consumption of wine. If I were to recommend searching out a wine to taste, it would definitely be “Sachems Picnic” which is pictured above, a semi-sweet red. The staff is fairly knowledgeable, but you can tell they just work there, but of course, it all depends on who is serving you. Our server seemed to know her stuff while our tasting neighbors, didn’t seem so lucky. You are allowed to walk around the vineyard, but if it is not so nice of a day, I HIGHLY recommend heading upstairs. Here you will find a mini restaurant which you can bring your bought glasses of wine, bottles, or just order there. They have cheese plates and crackers as well to greatly enhance your experience. If you can get a window seat, that’s the way to go, you get a great view of the vast lake in front of you. I would recommend these guys, they do it right, make some good wine, and have so many events!! Check out their website on the main page for more info!!!

Experience- 8.5

Wine- 8


Family Atmosphere-5 (nowhere for kids without being surrounded by wine, unless you are staying at the hotel or are at the restaurant).



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